Arol $kinzie – B4 Melanin Ep

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Download Arol $kinzie – B4 Melanin Ep

We bring you the EP to the beautiful album that was previously released. This EP is a bomb and you are really gonna like it. It is everything you want in a good song. The tracks are wonderful and you are gonna put them on repeat. Download this EP below

Tracklist below.

  1. Arol Skinzie – Ios (Original Mix)
  2. Arol Skinzie – Sentebale (Instrumental Mix)
  3. Arol Skinzie, Bibi Provence – Sky Fall (Original Mix)
  4. Arol Skinzie – Wwig, B’Couture (Original Mix)
  5. King Beku, Lalankie – Future (Arol Skinzie Remix II)



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