Album: Majozi – Majozi

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This is a unique album with very lovely songs to spice up your playlist. This is a very nice album that you are gonna be listening to for a very long time. The tracks where carefully made and they are very impressive. You are gonna be happy that you downloaded this album. Download this album below


1: Majozi – Dry the River

2: Majozi – Waiting

3: Majozi – Alright

4: Majozi – Darling (Pt. 2)

5: Majozi – Somebody

6: Majozi – Friends

7: Majozi – Hey Girl

8: Majozi – I Want Your Love

9: Majozi – Arrest My Love

10: Majozi – Lean on My Soul (feat. Soweto Gospel Choir)

11: Majozi – Gwen Stacey



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